The Street Department is made up of seven employees. The crew handles a wide variety of tasks that include the following:
  • Catch boxes: Several hundred catch boxes must be maintained and kept clear of debris to prevent flooding.
  • Mosquito treatment: The pesticides used by the City of Perryville for controlling mosquito are licensed and evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that they can be used safely.
  • Road construction and closures: We expect that roads will be accessible at all times. However, if a situation does arise where a road needs to be closed for safety reasons or repairs, efforts will be made to provide at least a 24 hour notice.
  • Sinkholes and grates: There are approximately 360 sinkholes in the City limits and handling a large portion of the runoff from the City streets. The Street Department must ensure the grates are free of debris and maintain the sinkhole area.
  • Snow removal: The City of Perryville provides our residents with safe streets even in the most trying of weather conditions. We have well-trained and experienced employees that understand the importance of public safety for both our residents and emergency vehicles. The city often spreads a mixture of salt and sand onto the streets as to pretreatment and will plow streets as necessary.  (policy)
  • Storm water: Staff maintain Dry Run Branch and other major water inlets through the City.
  • Street lights: The Street Department conducts on-going inspection of the street lighting system in our city.
  • Street signs: The City makes and maintains all stop signs, speed limit signs and street name signs.
  • Street sweeping: In an effort to give our town a clean and well kept appearance, staff frequently sweeps streets throughout town.

After Hour Emergency
Please call (573) 547-2500, a Police dispatchers will answer the phones after normal business hours (7:00 am - 5:00 pm), weekends and holidays. They will gather your information and dispatch the Public Works Department.

Report a concern online or call (573) 547-2500.