Public Works Department

The mission of Perryville Public Works is to effectively maintain and develop public infrastructure within the City of Perryville while using the utmost efficiency. We provide essential services in the operation, maintenance and preservation of City water, sewer, street, and natural gas systems, as well as providing refuse removal and vehicle maintenance. We at the Public Works department strive to ensure that Perryville can grow and develop, enhancing the quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors in the most practical, safe, and beneficial way.

The Public Works Department is made up of the following divisions, all of whom report directly to the Public Works Director. 

Public Works delivers services in a dynamic environment. Though often found elsewhere as stand-alone utilities, both water and gas services are provided out of the Public Works Department. An ever-changing regulatory environment requires frequent training and quality facilities to meet these challenges.

Public Works employees are ready and willing to work in adverse and emergency conditions to deliver the vital services that customers have come to expect. Feel free to contact the Public Works Department with any concerns by contacting us at (573) 547-2500.

The City of Perryville provides a twenty-four hour on-call staff, 365 days a year, free of charge to check all emergencies. After normal business hours, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays a telephone recording will prompt you on how to report an emergency.