Capital Improvement Plan

What is the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)?

The CIP is intended to guide the City in the long-term planning, scheduling and budgeting of capital improvement projects. The CIP outlines proposed expenditures and allocates existing funds and anticipated revenues to rehabilitate, restore, improve, and add to the City’s physical plant.

The CIP provides a link between planning and budgeting, and a coordination of financing and timing in a way that maximizes the return to the community. It enables the government to envision its opportunities and constraints, and make great efforts to take advantage of these opportunities and develop strategies to tackle problems and to avoid financial crises.


The CIP covers a five-year planning period, but is published each year to reflect ongoing changes and additions. The five-year CIP does not appropriate funds, but rather functions as a planning and budgeting tool, supporting the actual appropriations that are made through the City's annual budget. Projects within the first year plan in the CIP may be incorporated into the upcoming annual budget. The remainder of the plan is re-evaluated, updated, and re-prioritized each year to meet those ongoing changes and additions. The CIP adopted by the City Council is a projection of projects anticipated to be funded.

2024-2029 (current)