Sales Tax Rates

Tax Breakdown

Sales tax is imposed on retail sales and lease of tangible personal property items and certain other taxable services.

The total tax rate in the City of Perryville is currently 8.475%. Below is the breakdown using the current tax rate for the City, county and state.

City of Perryville

City of Perryville’s tax rate currently totals 1.875%.It breaks down in the following manner:
  • 1%- General Revenue
  • .50% - Transportation Trust
  • .375% - Capital Improvement

Perry County Tax Rate

Perry County’s tax rate currently totals 2.375%.It breaks down in the following manner:
  • .50% - General Revenue
  • .50% - Local Park Tax
  • .25% - Senior and Youth Tax
  • .875% - Capital Improvement
  • .25% - Law Enforcement Tax

State of Missouri
State of Missouri is currently 4.225%