City Logo

Perryville City logoLogo Development

The Mayor and Board of Alderman of the City of Perryville were very excited to unveil the new City logo in 2012.  This logo was developed by The Wright Group of Perryville and is based on public input provided through an online survey.  By design, it has a very happy feel and contains a great deal of symbolism.

Logo Features

Our survey results indicated respondents had a strong preference that our logo should contain elements of family, nature, and trees/landscaping.  Given that, we sought to create a logo that separated us from other cities and also reflected who we are as a community. In this logo, you will notice the following elements:


At the forefront, we wanted to show we are a family community.  To illustrate this, we made the family the center of our design.  If you look closely, you will notice the father, who also appears as a tree, with a mother and child standing on either side of him.

Leaves on the Tree

Many, many communities have identified themselves using a tree.  We wanted to be a bit different and elected to have the tree double as our father figure.  In turn, his leaves are shown here as colored balls, which will be the official, City version of the logo.

Depending on the use, we could replace these colored balls with soccer balls to advertise for a soccer tournament, chili peppers for the chili cook-off, or countless other items depending on the event.  It provides a great deal of flexibility if we ever choose to pursue it.

Farm Ground

One can clearly see the family is standing on farm ground.  Farming has long been a part of our local heritage, and we did not want to see that left behind.  Here it creates the base on which our community stands.


We identified several buildings that help tell a little bit about who we are as a community.  Specifically:
  • Courthouse - At the center of town, we have a beautiful, historic courthouse.  It is shown here in silhouette and provides a nice connection to both our downtown district and local government entities.
  • Homes - First and foremost, we are a family community made of many beautiful homes.  Adding homes to the design reminds people you can live, work, and play here.
  • Church - We are known as a community of faith; having the church’s steeple in the background makes a quiet statement to this effect.
  • School - Education is and should be a priority for all of us. The old-time schoolhouse is a nod to our local schools, both public and private, and the Perryville Higher Education Center.
  • Industry - On the far right, you will notice a nondescript factory design.  Our local community typically has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state, and this is a tribute to the strong work ethic we grew up with.  This is a defining element of our community and should be recognized.

Plant Your Family Here

We wanted a motto that speaks to both current and prospective residents.  We are proud to have multiple generations of families living in our community.  At the same time, we are a welcoming community and would like to see others consider locating their families in Perryville as well.

Incorporated in 1831

The City of Perryville is 181 years old and counting.  Even this is an interesting story, as our City founders allowed the original incorporation to lapse, so we actually had to reincorporate in 1856.Historically, the City has always recognized the original date of our incorporation so that year is reflected here, although this could yet be reconsidered by council.

Either way, we looked for an unobtrusive way to reference our age without detracting from the other design elements.  As shown, our birth year finishes the boundary the clouds start.