Community / Housing Surveys

Community Survey

In October 2020, the City of Perryville contracted with ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas, to survey all City residents regarding their level of satisfaction with certain city services and programs. Approximately 650 responses were completed via mail or online. This is the third such time the City has surveyed its residents in this way. We invite you to review the highlights of the survey or the full survey below.  If you have questions, please contact City Administrator Brent Buerck at (573) 547-2594.

2020 Survey Findings
2015 Survey Findings
2010 Survey Findings

Housing Study

The City of Perryville has been successful in economic development efforts. The population has not been growing as much as expected to match business and industrial growth. This project addresses two aspects of this question. First, is there sufficient housing stock in appropriate price ranges to support growth? Second, what drives the “why Perryville” or “why not Perryville” decision? This study addresses these questions.

2015 Housing Study

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

In 2015, at the direction of the Board of Aldermen and with the support of the Park Advisory Board, the City of Perryville entered into an agreement with the Southeast Regional Planning Commission to produce the City's first Park Master Plan. Regional Planning's primary charge was to lead the process by obtaining input from the citizens of Perry County. The input from Perry County residents, both park users and nonusers, was critical in producing a master plan that was not only viable but had the full faith and support of our community. As you read through the plan you will discover that there is information about Perry County, the current state of the parks in the area, along with suggestions for future growth and development. What makes the plan so valuable to us as staff is that fact it was designed with the input of our customers through surveys and personal interviews with current user groups and individuals.

I encourage you to read through the plan and learn more about the future of your park system. If you have questions or would like to provide input, please let mw know. We welcome your comments. It should be noted that even though this is a 20-year plan, it will be updated no less than every five years to make sure we are on the right track and to capture future trends and needs of Perry County’s Citizens. To all who had a part in this process, we sincerely thank you for your direction and input.

Master Plan Findings