Perryville Airport
The Perryville Regional Airport is located approximately nine miles north of Perryville’s central business district. The Regional Airport is a general aviation facility situated on a 435.8 acre site in the Bois Brule Bottoms on Route H.

The Regional Airport was originally built by the U.S. Government as a training facility in the early 1940’s. The airport was deeded to the City of Perryville in 1947 and has been operational since that time.

The airport has a 7,000’ x 100’ concrete runway equipped with medium intensity runway lights and runway end identifier lights which allow various types of air crafts, including jets, to use the facility.  
The physical address of the Regional Airport is 1856 Highway H, Perryville, MO 63775.  Our airport is available 24/7 and offers pilots and passenger a place to relax.  Snacks are available for purchase and our courtesy cars are available for a trip into town for a nice meal.  

Self-serve AVGAS is available 24/7. Full-serve JET-A fuel is also available.  Please call ahead before landing.  After hours call out fees may apply.

Additional information can be acquired by calling us at (573) 605-1856.  

Helpful Resources

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