Lost & Found Animals

Reporting dogs running at large:

To report an animal that is running at large in your area, contact the Perryville Police Department 573-547-4546 anytime. With your help of where the animal may belong, we will give the owner regulations that are required by the City of Perryville. Your information is not given to the animal owner. We understand the need for anonymity so to keep the preservation of friendly neighborhoods.

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Cold Weather Pet Safety
Some tips to help keep your pets safe during cold weather

Wellness check up:
  Has your pet had their preventive care exam yet? Cold weather can worsen some medical conditions such as arthritis. You should have your pet examined by a veterinarian at least once a year or more if they have health issues.

Provide proper shelter:  If your pet stays outside, provide a solid shelter. The floor of the shelter should be off the ground and the bedding should be thick and changed regularly, be sure it is dry. The opening should face away from the wind.

Feed proper nutrition: Outdoor pets require more calories in the winter to generate body heat and energy to keep warm. Make sure that they have access to fresh, not frozen water. Snow is not acceptable. Talk with your Veterinarian about your pet's nutritional needs during cold weather.

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Available for Adoption:

If you would like to adopt one of the animals that are pictured, call. You must agree and sign an agreement to have your newly adopted pet spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

Notifications: For when new pets are listed as available for adoption, sign up for Notify Me

Animals available for adoption are listed in this section
If interested, call for more information

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Recent animal pick ups that are on stray hold are listed further down the page

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Micro Chips: Are a form of animal identification. They work by radio frequency i.d. (rfid) and are about the size of a piece of rice. It does not require batteries or maintenance. Micro Chip readers which the City has, sends a signal to the chip which reads the number associated with that chip only. We scan animals that are picked up, if a micro chip is detected we will call the company associated with that chip and attempt to make contact with the owner. It is very important to have your contact information on file with the Chip Co. and to keep this information updated.
PLEASE REGISTER your pets micro chip with the CHIP Company. They are available 24/7, this giving your pet a faster return home and preferred Veterinary care if needed. Please provide secondary contact information and if any of this information is changed i.e. address, phone numbers, remember to change this with the Chip Company as well.
If you have questions about Micro Chips, give us a call or your pets Veterinarian

Want to check your pets micro chip...we can do that

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Missouri Dept. of Agriculture stray hold requirements are 5 days, this allows time for the owner to reclaim their animal. Unless the animal owner has surrendered it or is otherwise ordered by a licensed Veterinarian for health reasons. After this time frame and if the animal is not claimed by the owner, the animal may be available for adoption.

Time of posting does not indicate date animal was picked up. Pictures of animals are sometimes copied to other web sites that are not affiliated, edited by or under the control of the City of Perryville. Those web sites may not have current information, have a delay in posting and may indicate the City of Perryville as having an animal which is no longer available.

Recent pick up stray holds are listed here
To claim an animal, call 573-547-4546 anytime
NOTE: redemption, vaccination, medical and boarding fees may apply

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If you are missing a animal not pictured here, call us

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A few of the calls we receive regarding conflicts with or concerns for Wildlife 
Each one needing a different approach for safe handling and
a successful rescue with the goal to return to nature