Rates & Charges

Water Rates

Water billing is based on actual water usage.

The rates are as follows:
0 - 1,000 gal…$6.41
Next 14,000 gal…$2.49 per thousand
Next 185,000 gal…$2.00 per thousand
Over 200,000 gal…$1.51 per thousand

Sewer Rates

Are based on monthly metered water
usage for each customer.The customer
shall receive 10% discount on the months
billed July, August and Sept.

The rates are as follows:
0 – 1,000 gallons water…$6.53
Over 1,000 gallons water…$4.18 per thousand

Refuse (trash)

Trash pickup is provided to residential & commercial
customers on a weekly basis.

The rates are as follows:
Residential Service (1x/week) $16.59/month
Commercial Service (1x/week) $19.29/month
Commercial Service (2x/week) $48.58/month

Supplemental Water

The fees collected for supplemental water are set aside
in a special fund and are used for the maintenance and
upkeep of the City’s water system.

This charge is applied to every bill based
on the following formula:
0-5,000 gallons water $3.60
Over 5,000 gallons water $7.20

Natural Gas Rates

Residential/Commercial rates
Industrial Rates